We have anxiously awaited to announce our product transformation which will hopefully satisfy all of the existing expectations while simultaneously move the brand forward. We are happy to announce the newly rebranded professional driving simulation framework called BeamNG.tech (previously known as BeamNG.research).

BeamNG.tech is a versatile and comprehensive driving simulator with a custom physics engine made in-house. Our solution provides new possibilities for ADAS, autonomous vehicle testing, data generation and driving simulations all the way to research and commercial deployment.

As we believe in the power of shared knowledge, the driving simulation software provides open-source license to research institutes, and academia. We are also happy to team up with commercial partners and to dive in into their specific research challenge. For commercial use, contact our team on tech@beamng.gmbh or licensing@beamng.gmbh.

For our existing partners, clients and fans, we are also excited to share our new Documentation for BeamNG.tech and BeamNG.drive. It is still undergoing active development but hopefully it can already provide you with initial support of our software.

Browse on our new website to check what BeamNG.tech offers and how you can apply it to your research area.