A versatile library for integrating BeamNG.tech into your application.

We would like to present BeamNGpy the python interface to control and automate the usage of BeamNG.tech. BeamNGpy is a indispensible tool in developing autonomous systems with BeamNG.tech.

While in theory all BeamNG.tech functionality is already available on the lua side of the simulation, in practice it is hard to set up inter-process communication and to manage the individual sensors. Therefore BeamNGpy is responsible for sensor management, simulation control, and vehicle control. We recommend to our new users to to check out our example guide, it contains a list of available BeamNGpy usage examples to guarantee a quick start with our software.

We are continuously expanding the library and our latest updates on the sensor side include:

  • improved ground truth generation for camera annotation,
  • the addition of an ultrasonic sensor, and
  • the addition of the IMU sensor.

Are you interested in contributing to our open-source library? We always welcome user contributions!